Indie Wire posted an article about The IP Section stating the following:

“The IP Section”: A TV pilot about a 40-year-old Mormon patent law attorney who secretly aspires to a life in comedy, which happens to be created, financed and written by 40-year-old Mormon patent law attorney Wes Austin, gambling big on his dreams of being in a TV show. To further mesh fiction with reality, Austin’s journey to risking his own money and his reputation by making the pilot for his own TV show was unveiled in the documentary “My Dream’s A Joke,” which played immediately after “The IP Section.” While I’m not sure about what happens next, the pairing of projects was one of the most special things I saw at ITVFest; a story about dreams coming true that has real resonance for anyone who’s ever dreamed of creating.

And that’s only the beginning. The game for independent television has changed so dramatically since those early days with so many new ideas getting a chance to live thanks to the current state of the industry. In 2008, I was willing to walk four blocks. In 2015, I’m willing to cross a continent. Great independent TV is happening now, and it’s happening everywhere — including Vermont.

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